How To Transport A Ladder Safely – Simple Guide

If you are a professional who regularly does projects on different sites, transporting a ladder must be a tough task for you. Ladders can be used to reach great heights easily, but transporting them can be sometimes difficult. Also, transporting straight long ladders can be dangerous and strictly regulated in some areas. To solve this, I’ve created this simple guide which will guide you step-by-step on how you can easily transport a ladder, without having any gimmicks or issues.

Ladder Transportation

As I said earlier, one of the difficulties which many people face is transporting a ladder in a proper and safe way. Transporting short height ladders like step ladders can be easy, but the same cannot be said about lengthy ladders like extension ladders. You may know how to properly use extension ladders, but if you’re a guy doing works on different projects, transportation might be an issue.

Some important factors which you might need to consider while transporting a ladder are:

Space Availability

You need to ensure that there is proper space available for the transportation of a ladder. While transporting a ladder, it may hit objects or persons, which will definitely cause you problems. Also, it is a must to make sure your ladder easily passes the electrical lines, else you might become a real-life flash!

Ladder Transportation Equipments

Some equipment like ropes, racks, etc. might be required for ladder transportation. These types of equipment will help you to firm the ladder in your truck/van/cargo vehicle to ensure proper and safe transportation of a ladder from one place to another.

Other Factors To Consider

Some other factors include the type and length of the ladder, transportation vehicle type, road safety regulations, etc. The type and length of the ladder will be a key factor to decide which transportation vehicle(like cargo, van or truck) you use. Also, you need to ensure that you do not do any public damage while transporting the ladder from one place to another.

Transporting A Ladder Safely

So, below are some different ways to transport a ladder. Follow these steps to ensure safe and secure transportation of a ladder, without causing any damage.

1. Transporting A Ladder Using A Car

If you have a small-sized ladder like a folding ladder or telescoping ladder, you can use your car’s boot to easily transport it from one place to another. But, if it is a medium-sized ladder like an extension ladder, you can transport it using your car’s roof. Though, it is recommended to use a truck or van for this purpose. But, in case you want the transportation using a car, here are the steps:

Step 1: In case of an extension or a folding ladder, make sure it has been properly folded and retracted. Lift the ladder to the car’s roof in a horizontal position.

Step 2: Now to hold the ladder firmly, we need to tie it with a roof rack. In case you don’t have a roof rack, you may use soft materials like pillows, a thick blanket, etc. to avoid any damage to the car’s roof.

Step 3: Tie the ladder firmly with the roof rack using a strong rope. In case you didn’t use the roof rack, tie the ladder using the rope through the car’s windows.

Step 4: Do a final check whether the ladder is stable and not sliding.

Step 5: After all the checks, you can transport the ladder!

If you have a ladder of short size like a step ladder, you can also utilize your car’s trunk to transport it easily. Simply, flat out the rear and front car seats, open your car’s trunk and put the top-end of the ladder over the back seat, and then finally transport it.

2. Transporting A Ladder Using A Truck/Van

If you don’t want to risk the damage done by a ladder on your car, you can use utilize a pickup truck or van for moving the ladder. A ladder rack can be used to load and unload a ladder on the truck safely. By using a ladder rack, one can easily move the ladder up and down the truck and thus avoid any injuries.

You may also use a truck rack along with the rear bar to secure the ladder from both ends. This will ensure good safety as well as protect the truck from any scratches or dents.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some ways through which you can easily transport a ladder from one place to another. If you don’t want to take the hassle, you may also contact transportation service providers available in your city.

Here are some extra tips to ensure maximum safety while transporting a ladder:

  • Don’t drag the ladder on the ground while transporting it, to avoid any damage.
  • In case the ladder is heavy, always ask for help from a helper.
  • Ladders are strong, but they can be damaged as well. So, do the transport process in a safe manner.
  • Don’t over-speed with the transport vehicle. A ladder falling from the vehicle can cause a lot of damage.

After following the above steps, you can move the ladder from one destination to another safely. After which, you can unload the ladder and continue with your work. Also, follow your ladder manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the maximum lifespan of the ladder.


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